IHPER Editorial Team

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Two professors, M. Fatih Taşar and Paula Heron, are serving as IHPER general editors, who put forth the vision for the handbook and started the efforts to bring together a team of internationally renowned scholars. They have prepared the proposal for AIPP for the handbook that consists of 3 volumes, 13 sections, and 82 chapters. It is hoped that the field of Physics Education Research will extensively benefit from the outline and the content of IHPER.


This handbook would not be possible without the support, suggestions, critiques, and contributions of a large number of people. First and foremost, we are grateful for the work of the section editors who recruited and supported authors, reviewed chapters, and wrote section overviews: Marisa Michelini, Italy; Shulamit Kapon, Israel; Olivia Levrini, Italy; Edit Yerushalmi, Israel; Bat Sheva Eyon, Israel; Sarantos Psycharis, Greece; Eugenia Etkina, USA; Eric Brewe, USA; Eilish McLoughlin, Ireland; Feral Ogan Bekiroglu, Turkiye; Geraldine Cochran, USA; Don Metz, Canada; Peter Heering, Germany; Cibelle Celestino Silva, Brazil; Marika Kapanadze, Georgia; Gabriela Jonas-Ahrend, Germany; Gesche Pospiech, Germany; and David Meltzer, USA. The results are a credit to their efforts. Early in the process we received invaluable suggestions from a small group of advisors: Richard Gunstone, Australia; David Hestenes, USA; the late Norman G. Lederman, USA; Marcia Linn, USA; Robin Millar, UK; E. F. (Joe) Redish, USA; the late Laurence Viennot, France; and the late Lillian C. McDermott.