Investigation of Eight Grade Students’ Knowledge Level about Global Environmental Problems



Global environmental problems, Knowledge level, Location, Gender, Student


This study aims to identify the knowledge level of eight grade students about global problems like greenhouse effect, the deformation of the ozone layer, acid rains and the destruction of biological diversity to analyze the gender and location factor of the students’ knowledge level about global environmental problems. 201 randomly selected eight grade students from central schools of Ankara and Burdur attended to this study. 20 item-scale is used as data collection tool in the research. The percentage and frequency values of the students’ answers are analyzed. The sum of points is tested for analyzing the variation of gender and location of education factor of students. The conclusive data obtained from this research points out that students have very low knowledge level about reasons and the negative effects of some global environmental problems. In the conclusion of this research; the total points which students get from the global environmental problems survey noticeably vary by the location where they are educated but not changed by the gender factor.


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